7 Ways To Include Positivity In Your Life


“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”

— Willie Nelson

We all know this; deep down into our hearts that being positive is necessary to get positive results. And yet, we don’t believe this sentence. But isn’t it high time we do? When we see things negatively or get stressed about little things, it only increases the negative and stressful situation in our lives. Have you ever noticed that when you are in a bad mood, you tend to make wrong choices which worsens your mood? It shows that what we feel in our mind and soul is what we attract from the universe.

However, some days you don’t feel positive about your body or situation or anything, and that’s okay! But if you continuously feel this way, you need to change your perspective because too much negativity will leave you stressed and unhappy. Being positive is a choice, and this you have to make every day until it becomes a part of you. And here are some tips that will help you cultivate the willpower to see positivity even in darkness.

1. Finding a silver lining is always important

A lot of people ignore the bad in a situation or a day will lead to being positive. But it will not, if you only appreciate the good and ignore the bad, ultimately it will lead to unhappiness. What you need to do is appreciate the bad and learn from it. Also, try to look at the silver lining so that you are able to find a glimmer of hope in all situations or days which are not so ideal.

For instance, if you are having a bad day, be grateful that you still had something to eat and somewhere to sleep. Or maybe your friend is trying to cheer you up with hot cocoa. All these things are the positives of your life that make your day amazing.

2. Make your environment positive

To develop the skill of positivity, you need your environment to be positive as well. So, make sure your office, room, and home are full of light, love, and positivity. Invest in interiors that make you happy and feel light, like indoor plants, tons of art, Use Canva to create motivational posters, make sure you get tons of sunlight in and paint it a bright color.

3. Never worry about what people have to say about you

Even if you put your 200% in, there will always be someone who is not happy because well you cannot make everyone happy. But you can make yourself unhappy if you keep worrying about what others think or say about it.

It is easier to say, but accomplishing it can take you a long time. Think about it this way, people will talk, and one day, they will stop. Everyone has an opinion about you. It is up to you to not let it get to your head.

4. Appreciate others

When you are having a bad day or feel pessimistic about things, it is easier to take it out on others. But it never helps! Instead, try to appreciate the small things that make you happy or that people do for you. No matter how bad a day is, if someone smiles at you, return that smile. If someone brings a sandwich for you to cheer you on, show your appreciation.

5. Never try to control everything

Not everything in your life will be in your control. If you keep obsessing about controlling everything in your life, it will stress you out, and make you feel bleak. Let go of the things that are beyond your control and go with the flow.

Seriously, stop obsessing about things you cannot change. For instance, you got a parking ticket; pay it off, and all will be better. It will do you no good to keep worrying about it and reliving the day.

6. Set aside some time for playtime

Playtime is the time in which you can do anything that doesn’t require a purpose. It needs to make you happy and relax. When you feel cheerful you tend to see positive things clearly and can keep negative thoughts away from you.

7. Keep your body moving

It is essential to keep moving your body, staying put at home and in your desk or on the couch do you no favor. It makes you gain calories, and it also makes you think about negative things. So, get up and get moving. Enlist in a Zumba class or go on a jogging or morning hike. Do something to get those endorphins flowing so that your mind can find positive things in everything.

As Dumbledore said, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of time if one only remembers to turn on the lights”. So, turn on the lights of your mind and let it see the positive things you have, they will always outshine the negative ones.

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