Best 13 Resorts In Coorg


1. Pilgrimage of ethnic luxury

The interiors of this thematic resort are designed for a tribal environment, inspired by Kadukuruba Hadis. The best resort in Coorg is probably the finest wildlife lodging, with this location and luxury coming together in a happy union. Go with your love for a romantic date or enjoy an evening at Lakeside Deck Dining with your family.

2. Magical wooden cottages

The luxury cottage folds into a private deck on the tree with spacious living space. See the sun rising and drink clean and clean mountain air with your beloved tea in the morning. The cozy lounge chairs on the deck for honeymooners in the best resort in Coorg create the perfect environment for a lazy afternoon.

3.Resort Amanvana – Fabulous family meeting place

The Amanvana Resort is one of the best resorts in Coorg with its mild setting amidst the magnificent beauty. Enjoy the rabbit hole activity to free your soul from the city’s rapid life. Spend yourself in the sunbeds and watch staring in the glass-roofed bathrooms in your private courtyard.

4. Old Kent Estates and Spa Resort – a retreat of nature from coffee plantations

It is one of the most luxurious resorts in Karnataka and it lies in the lush green beauty of Coorg. Old Kent estates is a paradise for people who want peace away from the life of the city. Each one can enjoy the healthy atmosphere of the famous retreat and warm hospitality. The incredible rooms are designed and equipped with all modern amenities.

5. Resort and Spa Windflower – Hospitality Temple

The lovely resort of Coorg is only 20 kilometers on the tree-line highway from Bangalore. It is a postcard retreat famous for its legendary hospitality, with its wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. Walk to the hills of Brahmagir and love the thick, dark green jungle clusters and the endless blue sky near the Windflower Retreat.

6. Ambatty Green Resorts – Coorg’s private refuge

In the middle of the gentle hills of the most famous place in Karnataka is a privately owned resort in Coorg. It is a perfect refuge to rejuvenate your mind and soul from the bustle of daily life. No matter whether you’re a sports enthusiast or a romantic soul planning a weekend break with your sweetheart. In this splendid resort in Coorg for winter lunches and sports buffs join leisure with luxury in the heart of nature.

7. Coorg Cliffs Resort

If you still hunt for 5-star resorts in Coorg, your search will definitely end. This resort lies at an altitude of 3,398 meters from the sea and is regarded as one of the most desired resorts in the Coorg district. The picturesque natural environment around this place is sufficient reason for reserving it for quality

8. Taj Vivanta Resort

This is one of Coorg’s best resorts in the middle of the lush green rainforest covering an area of 180 acres, which offers a luxurious and quiet stay. You will never want to leave this place during your vacation in Coorg due to the wide forest and beautiful view. The rooms are very spacious and provide a comfortable experience.

Budget Places To Stay In Coorg

If you’re looking for a place for a luxury stay but you don’t have a high budget, then don’t worry, since the resorts below are definitely suited to your needs.

9. Castle Porcupine – Tree crown citadel not birds Porcupine

This budget resort in Coorg is ideal for honeymooners, right at the top of the 300-acre coffee plantation. The serenity and calmness of the place accompany you with the aroma. Porcupine Castle cordially welcomes visitors to Coorg’s undulating, lush green countryside.

10. Club Mahindra Madikeri – For the WOW moments

It is popularly referred to as a little Karnataka nestled in the vibrant capital of Coorg. Club Mahindra is a large resort built in a coffee plantation with the essence of local tradition. Stay with the swirling smell of coffee and the colors and sights of the mountains. The most important highlights of one of the best resorts of Coorg are beautiful grasslands, paddy fields, and orange orchids.

11.Magnolia Estates

Magnolia properties offer guests who love to be part of nature well-furnished and spacious rooms. You can take advantage of the serenity of the lonely slope with the birds in the corners. This is undoubtedly one of the best resorts in Coorg, located amongst spectacular coffee plantations, built in traditional South India style.

12. Heritage Resort

If you are looking for a budget resort in Coorg to plan the last trip, then this is your place. This place is the perfect refuge from the lively life of the city and brings you closer to nature. The resort is a must-visit and features an internal restaurant serving tasty meals and sophisticated interior decor.

13. Kadkani Resort

You should not forget this when you are looking for Coorg resorts with activities. Here the cottages have a porch from which you can see the most magnificent views. Pride of Pacha, the in-house restaurant, serves delicious dishes and makes your stay meaningful and interesting.

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