Bill Cosby Net Worth

Bill Cosby net worth
Bill Cosby net worth

Bill Cosby is an American actor, musician, author, education, comedian, and television producer. The estimated net worth of Bill Cosby is about 400 million dollars. His full name is William Henry Cosby Jr. He was born on July 12 in the year of 1937. He was brought up in Pennsylvania, United States. He got married to Camille Hanks in the year of 1964 and has five children.


Notable Working

Bill Cosby did many notable works which made him so popular. Some of them include the I Spy, The Bill Cosby Show, The Cosby Show, Cosby, The Cosby Kids, The Electric Company as well as The Cosby Mysteries.

What is Bill Cosby Net Worth

Bill Cosby is a popular celebrity who has earned a lot of money from different activities. The net worth of Bill Cosby maximized in a short time. However, the following are some of his record sales:

• In the year of 2013 he has earned 333,000,000 dollars from his show named The Cosby Show.
• In 2007, Cosby charged 100,000 dollars for him every speaking engagement.
• In the year 1996, he had earned 1 million dollars for each episode of his show. The show got aired for 4 seasons. It had total of 95 episodes which earned him a total of 95,000,000 dollars.

Net Worth Details Of Bill Cosby

Before he started The Cosby Show, he was a recognized celebrity. Before this show, he was already on the list of highest-earning celebrities in the world. When he released his contract album in the year of 1968, then he signed a 5-year contract of worth 3.5 million dollars.

After that, he had started releasing his own comedy and amusing albums. He also created the shows called The Bill Cosby Show as well as Fat Albert. These were the best TV shows of the 80s.

The Cosby Show was one of the best TV shows that made Bill quite wealthy. In the entertainment industry, he became one of the wealthiest individuals because of this show. The show got aired from 1984 to the year 1992. In 1992, he was earning about four million dollars per episode. From the last two decades, this show generated more than 1.5 billion dollars from the syndication.

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