Facts You Must Know About Eyebrow Transplant


The thickness of eyebrows is the latest trend in the cosmetic industry but not every person is having enough hair on their eyebrows. Due to some illness or genes factor, hair loss can also be seen in the eyebrows. And the majority start using makeup techniques to make their brows look dark and attractive. Most commonly women are a sufferer of this difficulty.

The surgeons are offering plenty of painless techniques with satisfactory results of course. But the majority of the conducts are based on temporary relief. For best advice from expert surgeons, you can consider the UAE as the world’s leading practitioners are serving their efforts in Dubai.

We’ll have heard about Hair Transplants, they aren’t only meant for treating baldness of head, also they are used to restore the hair on your eyebrows. In case you’re considering getting the Eyebrow Transplant, this post will benefit you a lot as we’ve compiled all the necessary facts regarding the Facts you must know about Eyebrow Transplant.

Before we get into the details regarding the Facts you must consider yourself in the mirror with the dark and thick brows. I’m sure that it’s the most pleasing look you’ve ever dreamed of, conversely when you think of the current condition of your eyebrows it won’t be much satisfying. So let’s get into the details for discovering the hidden realities you must know about Eyebrow Transplant!

Important Particulars you must consider!

 Here are some important facts you must know about the Eyebrow Transplant, before stepping into this practice!

1. What actually is Eyebrow Transplant? How does it work?

Eyebrow Transplant is a procedure quite similar to the traditional Hair Transplant but it’s pretty less complex than that one. The whole process is based on the extraction of hair grafts through the FUE approach which is then implanted on the thin area of brows. Surgeons consider the thickness and density of hair grafts to deliver fuller and appropriate shaped eyebrows according to the aesthetic demands.

The entire technique of Eyebrow Transplant works by focusing on boosting the natural growth of hair as there is no involvement of artificial practices. Hair follicles are fixed by the surgeons in consideration of the natural growth direction of the hair to make your brows in proper shape for long-term and even permanently.

2. From where the donor hair come?

For women, most of the time, required hair grafts are extracted from the thighs, armpit, and the behind the ears. Conversely, for men, the donor hair is usually extracted from the facial area.

Furthermore, when eyebrow hair loss is seen partially the hairs are typically drawn from the other brow. A surgeon will make the best decision as per your comfortability.

3. How long is the Recovery Time?

Patients can resume their daily activities after a few hours of the procedure, without even waiting for long. This practice is performed on an outpatient basis. However, getting indulged in physical activities and sports should be escaped for a few weeks.

In case you feel pains or any sort of difficulty visit the nearest doctor immediately.

4. How much time it would take to show the results?

The natural growth of scalp hair is quite faster when compared with eyebrows. However, the new hair will tend to appear after three to four months of Eyebrow Transplant, and outcomes will take a maximum of one year or might be earlier than this.

5. What are the Associated Risks and Complications?

Side effects of Eyebrow Transplant are much rare than any other surgical procedure. You might notice the wrong growing direction of hair in case if the surgeon isn’t well experienced. Also, there will be some pain and redness on the treated area which usually subside within 2-3 days of treatment.

It’s not associated with serious complications due to the natural hair strategy used in it.

6. How many grafts required for Eyebrow Transplant?

The demand for the number of grafts varies from patient to patient in consideration of individual needs. But having the Eyebrow Transplant with 50-100 grafts would be enough in most cases.

7. Is Eyebrow Transplant for me?

If you’re suffering from thinned eyebrows or in case you sense any sort of hair loss in your brows, you might be needing to get the Eyebrow Transplant. But before coming to a final decision make sure that you’re physically and mentally fit for this approach.

Discuss your medical history with the doctor and also inform him about the details of previous surgeries you’ve ever undergone.

8. Is Eyebrow Transplant a good decision? Is it permanent?

When we compare the Eyebrow Transplant with several makeup techniques, the choice for getting the transplant is found to be more effective because, with cosmetic techniques, there is nothing but just a temporary relief. For instance, you will get thick eyebrows which usually go off after some time.

Eyebrow Transplant is the permanent solution for acquiring the natural growth of brows hair for a lifetime. The thicker denser and perfectly shaped brows will become part of your life everlasting. However, while going through the first week of treatment, it’s better that you make necessary trimming on brows which makes the growth period faster.

For life-time comforts, this transplantation practice would be the best decision to make!

9. Don’t miss the Initial Consultation!

Consultation is the most necessary step for clearing every sort of fear or apprehensions. It gives the chance to patients for discussing their beauty demands and eyebrow thickness. Also, you should make aware of the doctor of your medical history before you step into this surgical approach.

Eyebrow Transplant! – A best permanent solution for thin brows!

Eyebrows hold much importance as they’re the central part of your face. Perfectly shaped brows can enhance your overall personality whereas thin and hairless ones can make you look unattractive. For adding elegance and beauty to the face permanently, there is no other best option than Eyebrow Transplant.

Performing this surgical approach demands great skills and expertise because it’s crucial to understand the perfect angle of eyebrows in consideration of the growth direction of the hair. The skills play a vital role in providing satisfying results with thick and arc shaped brows permanently!

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