How Technology is Shaping the Way We Work in 2020 and Beyond


Not only have modern workplaces evolved with time, but the very way we work has undergone a sea change driven by technology in recent years. Today there are significant shifts taking place in the way businesses operate across the globe. How corporations run themselves and these changes are visible in every aspect from professional communication and working style to organizational behaviour and corporate governance policies.          

The working environment has wholly transformed in most places, and professional work collaboration is evolving by the day where employees can communicate and collaborate across the world with the help of technology and on the go work has become more of a norm than an exception.

In the middle of all these changes, the global pandemic has further made it necessary for the global industry to accommodate inevitable changes in workplace behaviours and the way things function. Even small-time companies are forced to adapt to some of these changes like working remotely and making use of technologies available to organize workflow online in a bid to survive the competition and stay afloat amid this pandemic.

Even small firms who do not have enough resources to adopt and implement technological changes to integrate concepts like remote work can look for financing options for the purpose. For instance, small businesses in the UK can look for direct lenders the UK to avail business loans to help accommodate technology-driven changes in the workplace. The same goes for companies in other parts of the world as well.

Here are some of the significant trends driven by technology that are set to change everything about the workspace in the coming days. 

Telecommuting or Remote Work Opportunities: 

Telecommuting is in vogue these days, especially after the pandemic set in and people could no longer go about their work. However, the idea of working remotely has been there for the past few years. It was considered the domain for those with a more relaxed working style or for employees who live too far from their workplace.

Another reason for the growing popularity of remote work opportunities is the kind of resources it saves for a company to hire employees that work from their place. Just imagine hiring 50-100 employees in a conventional setup. How much it would cost any corporation in the space it would need to accommodate their workspace along with the computers and all the amenities required to work comfortably and efficiently. 

Now imagine not having to do any of that and merely managing workflow remotely without all the resources that would be needed otherwise. This is what technology has made possible for businesses today, and its utility cannot be overstressed in the times of a global pandemic. Now telecommuting has emerged as a smart solution for companies to keep functioning without endangering their workforce.

Sitting on the brink of 5G networks, today internet, and Wi-Fi connectivity is no longer an issue, and even a mobile hotspot is enough to work remotely. Then several tools enable one to work seamlessly across platforms and with great ease of use. 

Project & Task Management Tools: 

There are several project management or task management tools that make it possible to manage multiple tasks on the go by organizing your projects, team and tasks in one place. This way, you can assign tasks, monitor the progress being made, resolve issues, and take up critical tasks when needed.

This is especially useful for professionals managing teams or collaborating extensively across work teams. Some of the best task management tools include Trello that lets you easily organize and manage all your teams and tasks almost effortlessly.

Then there is Asana that enables seamless communication with team members in task-specific contexts and also integrates with all kinds of cloud platforms, including Google Drive and Dropbox. Basecamp makes it possible to set up schedules, meetings, carry out documentation, and track work progress from a single place.

Taskworld and Smartsheet are two other smart task management tools that can be scaled to your requirements and used to manage teams of all sizes, enable seamless collaboration and manage a diversity of tasks and work on multiple projects at the same time. 

AI-powered and Cloud-Based Solutions for Virtual Workspace:

It may be added here that Trello and Asana are some of the advanced artificial intelligence (AI)-powered tools. They make administrative tasks that much easier by helping create a highly efficient workflow and bring back the focus on aspects like strategy and innovation. Thus, they are boosting the productivity and efficiency of teams working in collaboration.

It is also imperative to look for tools developed as cloud-based solutions or have better cloud integration features. This is because an increasing amount of data, designing as well as work is taking place in the cloud these days when it comes to the virtual workspace.

For a more flexible work solution, ERP systems come in handy along with specialized apps for sharing documents, enable faster and seamless communication across platforms. Cloud-based solutions easily integrate into any network and offer higher efficiency, ease of storage and access as well as additional advantages in terms of cybersecurity. In this day and age, where data is the most valued asset for most corporations, cybersecurity naturally becomes of paramount concern.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose which set of features and capabilities would work for you best and go for it. A lot of customization is also made possible in task management tools to accommodate varying work requirements and fulfill a variety of needs. 

Video Conferencing Tools and Applications:  

Video conferencing has been the mainstay of communication in the pandemic era to substitute for meetings. These discussions usually used to take place in boardrooms or conference halls at the workplace. Now the new normal is to get behind your desk at home and log in to your video conferencing application to get connected with your work colleagues.

Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing apps best fit for large teams to have video meetings and conferences. Glip is another application with free messaging, task management, team communication, and video conferencing. is yet another online conferencing and web organizing tool which is perfectly fit for teams working and collaborating remotely. Then there is, of course, Workplace By Facebook, which lets all your employees connect in the same network and offers a range of collaboration tools to work with. 

Future Role of Virtual and Augmented Reality Tools for Training Employees:  

Corporations were already experimenting with immersive technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) tools to train their employees in 2020, and after the pandemic, they might become tools of choice for training when things go a bit normal.

In a world increasingly reliant on technology-based solutions for specialized tasks, VR and AR are here to stay for good. They can be especially useful in industries like medical and manufacturing goods which involve a lot of hands-on job roles. Professionals can learn and practice the entire range of new and critical skills with the help of these immersive technologies before taking on the role. 


We can say technology was already redefining the way we live and work but in the era of a global pandemic that stresses on and needs for technology to provide solutions has biome much greater. Innovators and experts are working round the clock to develop faster, more efficient tools with an increasing number of advanced capabilities.

With the global economy spiraling down due to the pandemic, big corporations are seriously looking to rope in more advanced tech for workspace solutions and to drive future growth. It is indeed a better, faster, more competitive, and cutting edge future we are looking at with a continually evolving web of technologies that are becoming more integrated by the day. 

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