How to Choose the Perfect Cabling Infrastructure?


Technology is making new advancements with every passing day, which is also bringing ease to human life. Be it in terms of security, automation of offices or home facilities, small or huge data centers, the technology is ensuring smooth and robust data transmission. High-quality servers and hardware have played a key role in this regard; however, the right cabling infrastructure’s importance can also be not ignored.

Selecting the right cabling infrastructure while getting any connection is significantly important to increase its lifecycle. It is a huge investment, which should work for up to one or two decades. A low-quality cable can only perform for a few days or months. Therefore, you need to be careful at this stage. Structured cabling is considered the best infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates due to its high speed, quality, and reliability.

This article intends to provide you relevant information about choosing the perfect cabling infrastructure, which will limit your expense while boosting network quality.

Top 7 Things to Ask While Selecting Cabling Infrastructure

Selecting a cabling infrastructure has become quite tricky in this modern era. Every category is available in the market, from low ranging to high-quality cables. The cable which otherwise seems suitable may not perform according to your expectation. So, you need a little expertise to pick the right cable.

The following are some crucial questions you should ask yourself while selecting the cabling infrastructure in order to enjoy a high return on your investment.

1.    What is the type of your facility?

The very important question while selecting your cabling infrastructure is the type of your facility. If you are leasing a facility, you need to think about your requirements. It means that you need greater speed now or in the near future or not. In case of yes, you should invest in high-quality cable.

On the other hand, if you own the building, you should always plan for the future and pick the cable, which supports greater speed. Most of the people prefer and hire the service of structured cabling companies in Dubai to get the perfect cable and installation, which saves them from future worries.

2.    Do you need a training or conference room?

Another important question you need to ask yourself while picking the cabling infrastructure is that you need a training or conference room or not. If you need training and conference rooms in your facility, it will require a high-quality network to support reliable cables. Category 6 cable is the best choice for this. You can pick any other in case you do not need a conference room.

3.    Is your company related to the manufacturing business?

The most crucial question in terms of picking cabling infrastructure is that your company or business is linked with manufacturing or not. In case of yes, you must need high-speed and high-quality data transmission, which will boost your network’s quality. You can pick the industrial level cables keeping in view the temperature and moisture conditions.

4.    Will you need power over ethernet devices?

If you are using security cameras, automated doors, Wi-Fi-connected appliances, or other such services that use power over ethernet, make cabling infrastructure investment wisely. These functions will require high-speed network and data transmission, which at least a category 6 cable can support.

5.    Do you need a warranty over your investment?

You cannot change your cabling infrastructure every other year. It is a huge investment that should at least work for decades. Most of the cabling manufacturers provide a ten-year warranty over the cables. So, if your cables come without or less than ten years of warranty, you have got all the reasons to suspect the quality.

6.    Which is the best category 6, 6a, or 5e?

Category 6, 6a, and 5e are among the best cabling infrastructures available in the market. However, there is a slight difference in their manufacturing, which affects their functioning. The cables are manufactured so, according to the requirements of different industries and functions like PoE, AV, and ethernet usage.

7.    Do you need a cable installer?

If you want to avoid damaging your cables and issues in the installation process, you need a cable installer. They will not only complete the installation process professionally but also take care of maintenance issues. You can hire the service of structured cabling companies in Dubai to ensure expert level installation, which does not cause any damage to the cable or connection, and enjoy seamless service.

Pick the right cabling infrastructure to avoid worries for a lifetime!

In this modern era, you need the support of high-quality cabling infrastructure to complete every other task. If the cabling infrastructure is not up to par, you will suffer and face loss. So, choose your infrastructure wisely. The problems do not end here as poor installation can also lead to numerous issues. To solve this issue, consult the experts and get the perfect and professional installation to save your time, energy, and resources.

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