How to Prevent Lung Cancer


There are almost 100 types of cancer and all are deadly. However, lung cancer is the most common that causes millions of deaths. According to the statistics published by the American College of Chest Physicians, by 2030, lung cancer will increase by 38%. The statistics also show that almost 80% of the death by lung cancer is due to smoking.

However, the rest 20% of deaths are because of some other reasons. What are these reasons and how a nonsmoker can prevent lung cancer? To find an answer to my question I reach out to the certified oncologist in Islamabad who is also an old friend of mine. He disclosed to me the reasons behind lung cancer and how the smoker and non-smoker can prevent this chronic disease.

7 Ways to Prevent Lung Cancer

From him, I got the 7 ways that will help anyone to prevent lung cancer. To prevent this cancer you have to avoid smoking, indoor pollution, unhealthy diet, and drinking. Besides this, doing exercises and getting screening tests will also help you in preventing lung cancer.

1. Reduce Tobacco Use

If you are a smoker then it’s time to quit this unhealthy and bad habit. 80% of cancer is caused by smoking therefore you have to give up smoking. Initially, it will not be easy for the chain smoker therefore they can take the help of nicotine pouches or nicotine gum. However, too much usage of these products can also harm your body.

Besides this, taking the help of the doctor for quitting smoke is a wise decision.

2. Avoid Second-Hand Smoke

If you are a non-smoker that does not mean you are free from getting cancer. Second-hand smoke has the same effect on non-smoker as active smokers. Because the toxic element in tobacco smoke is harmful to every person. Similarly, those people who never smoked in their life if exposed to secondhand smoke can also get lung cancer.  

Therefore it is important to not stand near the person who is smoking.

3. Reduce Indoor Pollution

Smoking is only one reason for lung cancer. The second main reason for getting lung cancer is air pollution. Indoor pollution contains harmful elements that can affect your lungs by entering through your nasal.

To prevent this, keep your house clean and always wear a mask while going out.

4. Eat a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet can prevent lung cancer. You might be thinking a healthy diet is just for your gut however that is not the case. What you eat will also affect every organ of your body. Healthy foods like vegetables, dairy products, and fruits boost your lung’s health.

Adding beans, eggs, fish, chicken, and leafy green vegetables to your diet will improve your lung health.

5. Exercise Regularly

Like your body, your lungs also need exercise. To strengthen your lungs you can practice different lung exercises. Yoga is best for this purpose as it contains breathing as well as stretching exercises. Besides this, you can also engage yourself in breath in and breathe out exercise by downloading any health app from the play store.

These are the breathing specific exercises. Besides these exercises you can also try other exercises like walking, running and jogging. All of these exercises are also helpful for improving your lung’s health.

6. Avoid Drinking

Like smoking, drinking can also cause lung cancer. Although drinking is not directly related to the lungs it also causes inflammation in the lungs that may lead to cancer. Lung cancer through alcohol consumption is more common among heavy drinkers. However, alcohol should be avoided as it may cause liver cancer.

7. Get Screening Tests

Screening tests are helpful for early diagnosis of any diseases. Therefore it is recommended to every reading to get a screening test every year as early diagnosis can help in preventing the spread of cancer.

Summing Up

Lungs are the sensitive yet most important organ of your body. Therefore make them healthy by avoiding smoking and drinking. For improving the health of your lungs and preventing lung cancer use the above-mentioned tactics.

In case you are addicted to smoking or facing any breathing problem, contact your nearby doctor immediately.

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