Logic Net Worth (American Rapper, Record Producer, Singer and, Songwriter)

Logic Net Worth
Logic Net Worth

Logic Net Worth Logic is a professional American rapper, record producer-singer, and songwriter. logic was born in Rockville, Maryland, the United States on January 22, 1990. Logic has fond of music since his childhood and enters the music world in early 2009. Logic released his first mixtape named Logic: The Mixtape titled Young. Later he released Broke and infamous in 2010. Logic Net Worth is around $14 million which is increasing day by day. Before releasing his three more mixtapes in three years, Logic signed a deal with Visionary Music Group. Logic released his fourth mixtape “Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever” in 2013, and allowed Logic to secure a recording contract with Def Jam Recordings. Logic released his first studio album “Under Pressure” in October 2014, which debuted at #4 position on the US Billboard 200 chart and resulted in certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America and has sold more than 171,000 copies all over the world. Logic released his second studio album “The Incredible Story” in November 2015 and becoming certified gold by the Recording Association of America, which sold 185,000 copies all over the world. Later in 2016, Logic released his fifth mixtape “Bobby Tarantino”.

How Logic Spent his Early Life?

Sir Robert Bryson Hall 2 who is also known by his stage name as Logic was born in Rockville, Maryland on January 22, 1990, from Robert Bryson Hall and a Caucasian mother. Logic spent most of his childhood in the West Deer Park neighbourhood in Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States. Logic father was a cocaine addict and his mother suffered from alcoholism. Logic knows from his childhood that how to manufacture and produce crack cocaine due to the environment of his home and his family addiction to drugs. Logic Net Worth is around $14 million according to current stats and figures. Logic attended Gaithersburg High School form his childhood but did not graduate after he began skipping classes in tenth grade.

Logic Career Beginning and various mixtapes

Logic became interested in rapping and singing after watching the movie Kill Bill: Volume 1. Logic began listening and expressed a deep affection for hip-hop after listening to the RZA group who produced the Kill Bill score. Taylor later brings logic to a large number of CDs that contains instrumental beats, for him to writes lyrics over. Logic released an unofficial mixtape “Psychological – Logic: The Mixtape” that allowed logic to serve the opening act for artists like “Pitbull”, “EPMD”, “Method Man”, “Redman”, and “Ludacris”.

Logic has released his first official mixtape “Young, Broke & Infamous” after getting the necessary experiences on December 15, 2010, and the mixtape quickly becomes the genesis for Logic to establish an early following. Chris Zarou, after listening to the Logic mixtape, signed a contract with him to the independent label. In an interview, Logic revealed that Visionary Music Group “Damon Dash” is like a Roc-A-Fella and I see myself as a “Jay”. Logic Net Worth is around $14 million and it will surely be increased more as he is young and has a bright future ahead.

Born Name Sir Robert Bryson Hall 2
Nick Name Logic, Psychological, Young Sinatra
Age January 22, 1990
Sun Sign Aquarius
Born Place Rockville, Maryland, United States
Nationality USA
Residence Beverly Hills, California, United States
Occupation Rapper, Record Producer, Singer and songwriter
Manager Team Visionary
Build Slim
Height 5 ft 9 in or 175 cm
Weight 72 kg
Spouse/ Boyfriend Jessica Andrea
Race/Ethnicity White
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Sexual Orientation Straight
Distinctive Features Wears glasses
Dress Size 10 US
Shoe Size 9 US
Brand Endorsements Unknown
Religion Unknown
First Film Under Pressure
First Show RapFix Live
Genre Hip-Hop
Instruments Vocals, Keyboard, Piano, sampler, drum machine
Labels Visionary Music, Def Jam Recordings, Elysium Recordings

The logic was featured in an edition of XXL, alongside Travis Scott, Trinidad James, Joey Badass, Angel Haze, Chief Keef, and Kirko Bangs being included as a part of the publication’s annual “Top Ten Freshman List”. Logic confirmed his fourth tape after completed the European tour in March 2013. Logic released his fourth album “Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever” on May 7 and announced a headlining national tour to promote the project. The project proved the critics right and resulted in the rapid growth of the adaptability of the rapper. The album received over 70,000 downloads on DatPiff.

It was announced on April 15, that Logic had signed a contract with Def Jam Recordings “No I.D” who served as the executive producer of Logic Debut studio album. Logic later revealed in an interview it is good for Visionary Music Group and Def Jam Recordings to work together and “I’m excited to take my next step in my career and its incredible experience for me and both the labels”.

Logic released his third album “Everybody” on May 5, 2017, and revealed the news on his official Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channel that the album cover will be designed and painted by Sam Spratt and that his fourth album is likely to be his final one album. The album was a huge hit as it peaked at number position on US Billboard 200 chart with 247,000 albums equivalent units from which 196,000 were album sales. The lead single “1-800-273-8255” was certified as triple platinum by the Record Industry Association of America. Logic Net Worth is around $14 million according to some credible sources.

Logic Personal Life Experiences

Logic terminated a five-year romantic relationship with his girlfriend in 2009, to properly delve into music as a full-time rapper. Logic revealed in a statement later that “You can put everything in your relationship you want but it doesn’t mean that you are going back what you give”. According to Logic “I have put everything in my music when I created my first mixtape”. He further stated that I have done all this because all I do and want to do is rhyme because not only artists, there are so many people that think they can rap and they just want a deal to pursue their rapping career, and the glitz and the glamour and the women.

Logic YouTube Table and Net Worth

YouTube Subscribers 2.5 million
Top YouTube Views 279 million
Lowest YouTube Views Contra 6.4 million
Channel Name LogicVevo
Total Views 455,659,490
Logic Net Worth from YouTube $4.6 million

How much Logic is Worth?

Logic Net Worth is around $14 million which is increasing day by day because of his immense talent and raping skills. Logic is rumoured that he currently inked a $30 million deal with Def Jam Records in 2018.

Year Net Worth
2013 $5 million
2014 $6 million
2015 $6.7 million
2016 ` $7 million
2017 $8 million
2018 $10 million
2019 $14 million

Interesting Facts about Logic

  • Logic had a very rough childhood as his family relied on welfare, food stamps, and social services for their livelihood.
  • Logic father was cocaine-addicted and she was alcoholically addicted and often racially abuse him. She has also experienced prostitution and was stabbed and raped.
  • Logic had a strained relationship with his father, who was absent from Logic childhood due to cocaine addiction. In fact, his brother used to sell cocaine and drugs to him.
  • Logic struggled with homeless in childhood and did a number of jobs simultaneously to keep himself alive.
  • Logic enlisted the help of a therapist to deal with his violent and improvised past.
  • Logic got into the hip-hop world after watching the Kill Bill Volume 1 movie and started following RZA and his iconic hip-hop who created the movie.
  • At the age of 13, Logic met with Solomon Taylor who used to buy CDs with instrumental beats so that Logic can write lyrics over them to improve his rapping skills.
  • The success of his mixtape “Psychological – Logic: The Mixtape” helped him bag work with some of the prominent iconic faces of the industry such as “Pitbull”, “Ludacris” and “Redman” for their shows in Maryland.
  • After listening to the Logic first mixtape, the president of the Visionary Music record label signed him quickly.
  • The special edition of XXL featured Logic alongside “Ludacris”, “Chief Keef”, “Angel Haze” and “Travis Scott” in their annual “Top Ten Freshman List” that features the most promising upcoming hip hop artists all over the world.


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