One Blade, Multiple Uses – The Diversity Of Fixed Blade Knives


Who among us can’t appreciate the right blade that’s useful in a variety of situations? No matter what we want to do, we know a quality knife can make all the difference. That is why it is worth it to research and buy a blade that will last and do the job right. The most common yet powerful blades are fixed blade knives. As the name suggests, these knives have a fixed blade that is attached firmly to the handle. They range from almost everything from a cooking tool to a hunting one. So under the banner of hefty, fixed blades, let’s explore the types of knives we can get.

The Kinds Of Fixed Blades We All Need

It is tough to make a distinction between Fixed Blade Knives since they aren’t that different in structure and appearance. But there are some commonly used blades and some that are hardly ever used nowadays. There is a simple way to distinguish between all the knives that make sense for buyers and collectors.

● Small Fixed Blade Knife

When you think about a small fixed blade, it would usually include daggers and boot knives. These are the quintessential small knives that are sharp and handy but are also quite sturdy. The way to distinguish between these blades is the way they are shaped. You have a thin, sleek, pointed edge of the dagger that’s meant for plunging and stabbing. Then there is the flat and tapered edge of the tanto blade. It is intended for slashing or cutting and comes in a variety of sizes.

● Large Fixed Blade Knife

The larger fixed blade knives would include machetes, chef knives, bowie knives, and even swords to make a far distinction. Although it is unusual for blades like swords to be still used, they are collected nonetheless. The fixed blade survival knives like machetes and hunting knives are handy. They serve various but significant purposes, and they are built to withstand more pressure and impact.

The Best Fixed Blade Knife Out There

There is a host of activities and tasks that requires a high-quality, durable knife. If you go out in the market to find a suitable blade, you will be spoilt for choice. But if you want to make sure you get the best material and longevity, you need to know your stuff.

The market holds a hoard of options for you to sift through. The best way is to determine what your usage is and search for a good knife accordingly. If you know what you want, go for the most robust blade you can get. If you have trouble determining which blade will yield the most, take a look at these fixed knives for sale:

  • When it comes to sleek and tactical blades, you can trust Tac Force to have the best ones. The 11.5 Inch Punisher Tactical Knife is the everyday carry knife you need. It has a long steel tanto blade and a triangle edge. It will take care of all major cutting and is useful to keep in your car trunk. 
  • If you are faced with danger, the best thing to use is a knife. But compared to some spring action pocket knife, a big push dagger will work better. The Z Hunter Fantasy Handle Push Knife is the ultimate self-defense blade. The knuckle lets you stay in control, and the knife is flat, wide, and firm.
  • The wilderness is an unforgiving place that you should always be prepared for. If you like camping or adventure-traveling, you should get an excellent blade to keep on you. Something like the Survivor 7 Inch Fixed Blade Survival Camping Knife is useful for you. It comes with a built-in magnesium alloy fire-starter that’ll help you build fires to cook and stay warm.
  • Speaking of survival, you never know when your luck takes a plunge in the wild. That is why several fixed blade knives can work well for you. The MTech Xtreme Tactical Tanto Blade is a lifesaver. It has a two-tone blade with a serrated side so you can cut brambles, twigs, rope, wire, even meat. It also works really well for hunting and cutting wood, so you won’t starve when you have this.

Impressive Range of Fixed Blade Knives For Sale

It’s not enough to have a preference for knives that you want. Buying knives is a lasting investment that will stay with you for years. It is also essential to know that you are spending as much money as you need to and not more. So there are some stores that will give you cheap fixed blade knives that also come through in quality.

Knife Import is an impressively well-stocked online store that luckily also sells wholesale knives. The range of blades showcased by them covers everything from daggers to large machetes. You don’t need to worry about the price when everything is half of what you’d pay in a local store.

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