Sales Management In 21st Century | What To Do And What To Avoid

Many factors influence significant sales. Genoveva Sobczyk mentions them in his book “Sales management in a trade and service company.” It pays attention to the company’s location, assortment planning, branding, technology use, prices, marketing, and many other factors. No wonder that it is straightforward to drown in such a bottomless well. So, if you don’t want to visit her, check out our tips. They are about what to do and what to avoid in 2019 to manage your sales effectively!

And because it’s best to learn from (someone’s) mistakes, below are the most common mistakes made by business owners and sales executives. Thanks to this, you will know, on the one hand, what to avoid, and on the other – how to act to make sales management effective.

Sales Management – 7 Most Common Mistakes (And Methods of Avoiding Them)

1.    Lack of Knowledge of The Individual Stages of The Sales Process

As the definition says, – sales management is not possible without knowing the most critical issues related to the sales process. So, the rule is simple – no theory, no practice. And this theory, while not too complicated, often exceeds business owners and department directors. Payday Loans Online is also ready to help with instant loans. It usually starts with selling methods, not including customer acquisition, after-sales service, and retention. In this way, sales revenues are not only low, but there is also no prospect of increasing them in the future.

2.    Using One Method to Reach Customers

Sales management is a process in which you must consider the various channels available to reach the customer. More and more companies, including call centers, diversify their activities and thus combine, for example, telephone sales with mailing campaigns or promotional activities in social media. In the Internet era, closing off to the currently popular forms of purchasing and reaching the customer means that the company does not stand still but moves backward.

How to avoid error? By finding more channels to reach customers and harnessing the power of the Internet.

3.    Lack of Vision and Strategy

Only clearly defined goals and a carefully prepared strategy will allow you to achieve satisfactory sales revenues. Unfortunately, many CEOs and directors are short-sighted. Their goal is to sell only that specific batch of products. They do not think about building a positive brand image and customer trust or methods to increase sales, such as cross-selling.

How to avoid error? By creating a sales strategy and effectively setting goals – not only short-term but also long-term ones.

4.    Reluctance to Expand Knowledge and Organize Training

Trade is evolving, changing, and new trends and methods are continually emerging, thanks to which it is possible to increase the chances of significant sales. Meanwhile, many directors do not follow the news and pass by indifferently any new sales tools. What’s more – some people give up self-improvement and prevent their traders from developing by not organizing training and updating their knowledge.

How to avoid error? By expanding your knowledge at every possible step and – most importantly – by organizing training for your employees. Only thanks to this are it possible to keep pace with modern trends and… competition.

5.    Lack of An Appropriate Approach to The Trader

A salesperson’s work is not easy, and daily failures can demotivate and lead to professional burnout. Meanwhile, despite these problems, entrepreneurs and managers set unattainable goals for salespeople, put additional pressure, and do not devote enough time to individual work with each of the employees. The problem is also the lack of adequate traders’ motivation – and not only in the context of cash bonuses.

How to avoid error? Setting realistic goals for traders, not losing faith in their skills, and adequately motivating them every day (also with rewards for effectiveness). An individual approach to employees is also essential. In this way, they will pay attention to the mistakes made and feel a necessary part of the company.

6.    Perception of Customers as a Great Mass

Many entrepreneurs believe that every customer is the same and that everyone can be sold. Both theories are wrong. Customers are very diverse, have different requirements, and not all of them will be your potential customer. The lack of an individual approach to the customer means that he does not feel appreciated and will make a purchase where the offer is tailored to his needs.

How to avoid error? By focusing on the characteristics of your potential client and creating their profile. And also, individually approaching his expectations.

7.    Sales Management – Resignation from Modern Technologies

Failure to replace devices necessary for the sale, resignation from modern methods of reaching customers or systems that significantly improve sales management (e.g., CRM) are common mistakes. And without the support of technology, work can be slower and, of course, much less effective. Payday Loans Arlington TX is helping with easy cash for maintaining new technology trends.

How to avoid error? Open up to new, practical solutions to improve the company’s functioning and increase sales.


So, as you can see, sales management is a pervasive topic, and the mistakes mentioned above are not all that we make, and that should be avoided. 

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