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If you are a PC gamer, you must have come across some or more of the issues in your PC’s gaming performance. It is widely acknowledged how frustrating kind of an itch the slow gaming functionality can be. What’s even ahead of that is pettiness for reasons that cause your PC to minimize gaming power like outdated drivers or too much of those pretty graphics. Well, this article counts the best ways to deal with them and enhance your gaming experience.

Ways to Maximize PC Gaming Performance

Here are the best ways to maximize PC gaming performance and prevent your head to burst open due to unwanted lagging, laziness, or any guise of trouble while you are gaming. From using the best driver updater to simply shutting off notifications or tweaking settings, here are the methods that you can figure the best one from.

1. Update Drivers

Updated drivers are food for your PC’s soul. There is no way you’d like to compromise on your love for accelerated and constant gaming hours by neglecting the installation of the latest driver updates. If that’s true then it is time to jump on Device Manager and check for system updates. Get them installed and refresh your PC to most of its potential.

Besides, it is best to check the manufacturer’s website to ensure what compatibility your PC and selected drivers hold. You can download and install the driver updates from there for even a better solution. If you have hardware like Logitech Driving Force GT incorporated for gaming then you must update Logitech Driving Force GT driver to make sure that it doesn’t hinder the gaming in the future. For a quick and most efficient update, it is best to use a trusted third-party driver updater tool to maximize the functionality.

2. Make Networking Adjustments

If you are into online multiplayer gaming and you use a remote server for gaming on your Windows PC, then you can upgrade your internet to a faster pace. But that is not it, you also have a choice to tweak some settings to enhance PC gaming performance more quickly. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Press the Windows + I key to navigate to Settings.
  • Find and click on Network & Internet.
  • Hit the Change Adapter Settings and then right-click your wireless network.
  • Now, go to Properties and check into Internet Protocol Version 4.
  • Replace the DNS entries with and Make sure you note those entries down before replacing them.
  • Check OK and then hit Close.

Now that you have applied the settings, restart your preferred browser and you may now be able to experience faster internet which will boost the online gaming performance. fnaf world update 3

3. Tweak Mouse Settings

What if your mouse is the one pushing the gaming performance on your PC to slow down? While that may be the case, it’s to best ensure that and do that, you must acknowledge that the mouse acceleration feature in the system can result in interrupted gaming performance. The best way to stop the mouse to back the fluctuations, you can disable that feature. Here’s how to do that:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Devices and then hit Mouse
  • Find the Pointer Options tab
  • Now hit Clear the Enhance pointer precision checkpoint
  • Then, click Apply and hit the OK button to leave the page.

Following these steps may just unveil whether or not the mouse is causing performance issues in your gaming performance. If you are a PC gamer, it is one of the important ways to maximise your gaming experience.

4. Update Power Plan

While it isn’t really common for power options to impact gaming functionality in Windows, some PC gamers have experienced a hike in overall performance by adjusting PC power settings. While there are mixed results, you may tweak power settings in your Windows 10 PC and see it for yourself if that makes any difference. Here are the steps to change power settings:

  • Go to Settings
  • Type power and then click on it
  • Stop by Power & sleep settings
  • Click on Additional power setting and then hit the high-performance option
  • In case you don’t find any available there, then you can click Create a power plan option to configure the new custom power plan.

This method of optimizing the gaming performance on your Windows 10 may work out for you. But doing so will cost you a good amount of energy and higher temperature level consumption due to which this option is best suited for your desktop.

5. Adjust Visual Effects

Little do you realize that your graphical user interface can be a major contributor to obstruct the process on your PC. There may be a collision between the magnificent GUI and the games which can result in a disturbed gaming period for you. To optimize the performance and ensure you make the most of your fondness of PC gaming, follow these steps:

  • Navigate yourself to Settings by pressing Windows key + I
  • Now type performance and choose Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows option.
  • Click the Adjust for best performance option in the settings box
  • Now hit Apply and click on Advanced tab
  • Check and make sure that the Adjust the best performance of options has Programs selected for it.
  • Hit Apply and confirm by clicking OK

6. Disable Notifications

The recurring chimes on your system can interrupt and trouble your gaming which goes beyond the annoyance. If you want to spend quality time on your PC gaming, you can make settings for notifications to keep them far from your realm. You can accomplish maximized performance by using Focus Assist, a feature to handle notifications. Here’s what can be done:

  • Open Settings by pressing Windows key and I
  • Go to System and seek Focus Assist
  • Once you reach there, you can select the Alarms only option to hide all of the other notifications

You can shut off all other notifications except for alarms as they are essential ones and lead an uninterrupted gaming time on your PC.


There were some of the most effective and simplest ways to help yourself revel in an elevated PC gaming experience. There are tons of other checkpoints including Steam updates and screen resolution that can contribute to slower PC gaming issues. If you have a solution to add, feel free to write it in the comment box.

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