What Is The First Step For An Abroad Study?


There are so many students, who wish to study abroad. However, around ninety percent of them do not know how to access opportunities that will help them regarding the concept of abroad study. The concept of ‘abroad study’ is about taking up an educational program in a foreign country. The educational programs usually take place through a University, which allows a student to pursue an education in a foreign country for a certain span of time. There is no specific time limit for one to take up an abroad study. To pursue an abroad study, the educational programs be of one semester or three years – it depends on what program the student is opting for. Different procedures can opt to avail of various kinds of abroad study.

The benefits of having to study abroad are quite a few in number. Some of them are: acquiring good quality education; job opportunities are more in number if one does complete their education by pursuing an abroad study; having the chance to pursue an abroad study can actually help one gain the experience of independence and freedom; etc. There are some cons as well. To name a few: Cultural barriers make it very difficult for a student to adjust and coop; high expenses of living and pursuing abroad study in any foreign country is a lot; etc. Even though the cons seem reasonable – the prosperity perspectives of abroad study seem to outdo the cons.

To get started with anything remotely related to abroad study – one must figure out the necessary steps that need to be taken. There are several students, who are easily misguided through the entire process of achieving an education in a foreign country; however, in this article of EduQuest, we have discussed the following step for an abroad study will at least help a student in knowing what must be done:

Proper career counselling

Sometimes, a student may think that the subject they are best at – is the subject they should pursue as a career. However, that may not be a very thoughtful idea. A career counsellor is a professional guide. A career counsellor can help one understand which course, subject, or field of study is relevant and valuable as a career option. Usually, such counselling helps one get inspired and motivated to pursue something that never thought they could do. It has also been noticed that people find out their hidden talents or preference through counselling. Career counselling has proven to be helpful to many people.

Finding the most preferrable course/subject

A preferable course or subject means choosing a certain field of study to grow knowledge, to create a career out of it. The number of subjects and courses that one can excel in, are too many to count. However, one can excel professionally in one or two subjects. The subjects chosen to excel in professionally helps a student to understand which one can be utilized in a way to create a career. Sometimes, it is not even about a subject – career counseling even helps a person in recognizing their skills, which again can be utilized for their career.

Extensive research:

The word ‘research’ might give individual stress in itself, however, to get a genuine college, that offers valuable courses – research is vital. Research is important to understand which course is relevant in the ever-changing world of job opportunities. Also, there are many sub-divisions in certain fields of study. For example, under Sociology, one may choose to be an HR of a Multinational Company; or one may become a social scientist/activist. The more an individual researches a course or field of study, the better concept of comprehension they have.

Choosing the dream destination and university/college

Almost every country in the world has more or less the same thing to offer. Having said that, a wise choice is required to be taken. Every college or university has its own eligibility criteria that have to be maintained by any student, who wishes to be a part of that college. It is not only about choosing the most appropriate college or university. Sometimes, choosing the most appropriate country is important as well. This is because one can choose a country where not only will they complete their education but also move forward to receive a job opportunity there as well.

Attend informative sessions regarding abroad study

There are certain programs held, that one may attend to collect better information regarding any courses, scholarships, etc., in a foreign country. Some foreign universities actually do set up programs to gain publicity and help genuine students to get a chance to pursue abroad study. The number of such informative session or programs are relatively less. Nevertheless, such sessions do take place, and a student or their family members should keep an eye open for such informative sessions. Any information can be helpful for a true academic.

Guidance regarding various scholarships, finance, visa, etc.

Most students and their families are misled regarding information about scholarships, finance, and visa. One should research scholarships from genuine websites related to that particular college or university. It is always wiser to directly contact the said college or university. As for finance, one should talk to a bank official to understand and avail of educational loans for an abroad study. People usually get fooled by certain companies and get looted. The same goes for Visa. One must make should whilst making a visa for abroad study – duration is chosen according to the duration of the course so that one does not need to pay more. There are different types of visas available as well, so one can choose what is required. Family guidance can also be helpful for decision-making regarding scholarships, finance, visa, etc.

Grooming for different examinations

One of the most important steps whilst applying for abroad study. Examinations like SAT, are important to determine which college or University is one supposed to go to. The scores of SAT or GMAT determine the fate of a student’s career. A student, who may have wished to join Harvard, might not be able to join as because of the low scores from such competitive examinations. The preparation of such examinations is different from that of high school examinations. There are separate coaching classes and guidelines that help students to score well in such examinations. SAT scores are important if one wishes to pursue an abroad study in countries such as the USA. Whilst having good scores from school/high – SAT, GMAT or GRE scores give a student better chances of getting into a good college or university in any almost country.

Making decisions regarding living in a foreign country

If one can afford the college or university’s hostel facilities then they may not worry about this step. However, there are students, whose financial status may prevent them from availing of such accommodations. Hence, searching for a relatively cheap yet safe neighborhood is important. It is not only about living in an apartment that matters – how to live alone is something that must be thought of as well. Food is an expense as well especially if one is absolutely new and clueless about that particular country. Instead of being misled by outsiders, having a basic study and idea about the markets and grocery stores are crucial. In this way, a student of any age can survive better without being financially cheated.

Training and guidance for interviews

This may not seem like a very necessary step, nevertheless, there are students, who are found to be too anxious to answer or even speak properly during an official interview. Interviews are very crucial. One may have excellent results in school, high school as well as in their SAT, GMAT, or GRE examinations; all the same, they are still very likely to lose an opportunity of getting selected in their dream college/university, if they do not do well in the interview round. Training and guidance for interviews can be done through certain coaching centers. Even, people who may not be able to afford proper coaching – they may look up articles or YouTube videos, to help themselves.

Create a student visa checklist

This step comes much later. When a student is selected ad ready to move to another country – this kind of checklist can actually be helpful. There are very basic things to keep in hand, however, it is such basic things that can bring about any last moment changes! Some of the things that should be present on the checklist are the evidence of enrolment in the recognized educational institution in which admission is being taken; if the student is under the age of eighteen, then the evidence of parental/guardian consent is required; currently, due to the spread of Covid-19, the vaccination results are very important for knowing whether or not the student is healthy.

The steps mentioned above can be used as guidelines as well, which will help a worthy student, in achieving what they deserve. There are several other steps, such as guidance regarding travel and migration to a foreign country; guidance upon avoiding cultural barriers; etc. However, to start on the venture of abroad study, the steps mentioned and can be actually useful to more than one student. Regardless that the steps may vary from student to student, the said initiatives have proven to be useful.

The entire concept of abroad study is almost like stepping out of my comfort zone to fulfill dreams. The scopes and betterment can be achieved if only one truly pursue what is available and accessible. Abroad study may sound and seem a very difficult goal to achieve. Although, all is possible if one believes in themselves, and takes a chance to change their life and career.

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